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All That Glitters Charity Ball Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

We were amongst the honoured to attend and donate a hamper and our services in support of Group B Strep Support Charity at the ALL THAT GLITTERS CHARITY BALL which was held at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh,Scotland on the 29th Of February 2020 by the amazing Derek and Ceri and the superhero little fighter Toby.

We are publishing the words of Ceri as quoted from her Facebook Event page for the ALL THAT GLITTERS CHARITY BALL. Take some time to read it and may be you will be able to raise awareness yourself by knowing the facts:

"1 in 10 babies infected with GBS will die. Half of the babies who developed GBS meningitis will be left with some level of long-term disability such as cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness or learning difficulties. Overall, 1 in 17,000 babies in the UK die from GBS infection each year. This is too many, and there needs to be a change in screening protocol in the UK. “Carrying GBS has no symptoms so testing is the only way to find out if you are carrying GBS. If you are, steps can be taken to stop your newborn baby developing GBS infection. Routine screening of all pregnant women for GBS carriage is not currently recommended by the UK National Screening Committee”. My husband and I want to fight to try and help change this…… every woman should be entitled to this test, that can prevent them from going through the experience of a child suffering from the aftermath of GBS. We have decided to help raise awareness and funds for GBS Support by putting on a Charity Ball on 29th February 2020. My husband and I both worked in musical theatre. Myself as a Wigs and Make-up Artist and him a performer. We have called in friends from the West End who will create a night to remember. Please come and celebrate with us!!! Event – All that Glitters Charity Ball Date – 29th February 2020 Charity - GBS Support Ticket Price - £35.00 Venue – Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh"

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