• Silvia Savova

Attending First Wednesday Business Networking Glasgow

Silvia Designs had fabulous time attending the First Wednesday networking event at the amazing Village Hotel Glasgow in December 2019.

We had the great opportunity to meet a bunch of amazing people and business owners which will open our doors on the Glasgow design market. We will be attending again!

It was fun, it was friendly, it was informative and helpful for everyone's business! Can not think of better way to start the day but with a hot cuppa and someone to talk business with!

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Silvia Designs is privately ran design studio offering broad range of creative services including logo designs, branding ,graphic design,digital marketing & photography.

Silvia Designs are based at the town centre of Lanark,South Lanarkshire,Scotland.  Silvia Designs is established in 2012 in London and Silvia Designs's studio opened is doors in Lanark in August 2018.