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Role Model Scotland Modelling Workshops

In Association with Silvia Designs Creative Studio Lanark

Dreams are just dreams until YOU decide they are going to be something more...

Becoming a successful model starts with the right mindset, creating opportunity for yourself but most of all having the right knowledge like in every other profession.

Making the best first impression and holding the right tools is the first step towards success. Modelling coach Julie Wilkin Thomson created Role Model Scotland with that idea in mind. Being a professional model and body builder for many years herself, Julie wants to pass her knowledge to every girl who dreams of becoming professional model.

Julie is here to help new models and wanna be models to learn and prosper, to collaborate and to gain professional experience while doing what they love and have fun.

Role Model Scotland main function is to hold workshops across Scotland starting from Falkirk, Lanark and Glasgow. These workshops main mission is to cover every aspect of the modelling career starting from choosing the right genre for each individual model to creating recognisable and professional portfolio. Models would obtain the knowledge they need in order to start their career including how to pose right, how to choose the right photographer, how to rely on their essential training and most importantly how to remain safe at a profession that hides numerous risks.

The workshops are to be held in number of towns across Scotland and the studio to represent Role Model Scotland for Lanark is chosen by Julie to be Silvia Designs. Silvia Designs Creative Studio is located right at the heart of the town, on Wellgate. The business was originally established in 2012 in London and moved to Scotland in 2018. Owner, designer and photographer Silvia recently became certified by the Master Photographers Association and covered all the risk assessments in order to create the right environment for the workshops to run smoothly.

Role Model Scotland workshops are to start very soon once the situation around COVID 19 allows them to go ahead. Please make sure to register your interest now and secure your place. You can do that here , here or via e-mail at:

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Silvia Designs are based at the town centre of Lanark,South Lanarkshire,Scotland.  Silvia Designs is established in 2012 in London and Silvia Designs's studio opened is doors in Lanark in August 2018.