Product & Commercial Photography

Here at Silvia Designs we look at Product photography as a branch of commercial photography which is about accurately but attractively representing a product.


The principal application of product photography is in product catalogues and brochures, with a proportion of product images also being used in advertising.

On top of quick and effective photography service in our studio we can provide top quality image editing and special effects including flare and sparkle for jewellery items or mirror furniture.

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  1. Camera.We use top quality DSLR Canon Cameras including macro camera

  2. Lights. We are always using the appropriate lightening in accordance with your desires and product type. Natural and studio lights available 

  3. Tripod. When we  need to take longer exposures; holding a camera by hand will produce blurry images that shoppers will not like. We know that and always follow the rules!

  4. Photo Setup. We are happy to create staging and set ups 

  5. Use a Wide Aperture.

  6. Pay Attention to Shadows. 

  7. Clean Up. 

  8. We are not afraid to experiment.

Image Editing & Retouching 

Image editing refers to modifying or improving digital or traditional photographic images using different techniques, tools or software.

 Image editing is done to create the best possible look for the images and also to improve the overall quality of the image according to different parameters.


Image Cropping,Background removal,Change of colours,

Smoothing, Change of background, Detail enhancement,Special effects.